Kansas City-based Citizens for Justice in the Middle East (CJME) seeks to educate the American public about theissues involved in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and to end U.S. support for the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories. U.N. Security Council Resolution 242 of 1967 calls for Israel's withdrawal from occupied territories based on the inadmissibility of the acquisition of territory by war. The United States voted for this resolution, but despite its stated policy has consistently blocked efforts within the United Nations to implement these and other pertinent U.N. resolutions that apply to Israel.

Instead, U.S. diplomatic protection and massive U.S. foreign aid enable Israel to retain control over the Palestinian territories and to settle the West Bank and Gaza with its own citizens in further violations of international law. These violations are one of the chief sources of instability in the region and foster bitterness and resentment against both Israel and its sponsor state, the United States. Anger at Israel’s harsh occupation of the West Bank and Gaza fuel legitimate resistance to the occupation as well as terrorism against Israel and is likely eventually to lead to increased terrorism against the United States as well.

Composed of Kansas City area citizens concerned about the direction of U.S. policy, Citizens for Justice in the Middle East urges ordinary American citizens to speak out in favor of an even-handed U.S. policy that recognizes the rights and aspirations of both Israelis and Palestinians. Only by respecting the need to provide both parties in the conflict with security and self-determination can a viable and just peace be assured.

To learn more about Citizens for Justice in the Middle East or to get involved, contact info@cjme.org or telephone (816) 729-9102.

Some of the recent events we have sponsored -
  • On July 2, 2009, CJME worked with Muslim American Society (MAS) Freedom chapter in Kansas City to raise $103,000 for medical relief to Palestinians in Gaza through the Viva Palestina USA. Funds were collected through IFCO/Pastors for Peace. MAS Freedom and American Muslims for Palestine were the driving force towards bringing out supporters. Read the full story.
  • In 2009, CJME raised $1200 to support travel expenses for a group of current and former students of Haskell Indian Nations University traveling to Palestine in August 2009.
  • In 2008-2009, we worked with Kansas City groups calling attention to the Israeli attacks on Gaza -- coordinated two high-profile public protests, brought in $3,800 for the Gaza relief through UN Relief and Works Administration for Palestinian Refugees, and met with elected officials.
  • In 2007, we coordinated a series of fundraising events that brought in over $10,000 for Hope Flowers School in Bethlehem.
  • In October 2006, CJME organized the KC Sabeel Conference that attracted 330 attendees with over twenty speakers.
  • In May 2006, Anna Baltzer, Jewish-American and author was in Kansas City to discuss her work in the Palestinian Territories
  • In October 2005, noted Palestinian-American and nonviolence advocate Mubarak Awad, reflected on "Up Against the Wall: Can Gandhi's Principles Work in Palestine?" at UMKC and three area churches. He also met with the Kansas City Star, Kansas City Jewish Chronicle and WDAF-TV4 (Fox) | Read report on Mubarak Awad in KC
  • In May 2005, Israeli Robi Damelin and Palestinian Nadwa Sarandah, representatives of Parents Circle, gave talks at four locations in the Kansas City area, including Lawrence, Kansas and Columbia, Missouri. Their tour was well-received and covered well by local news organizations. Read report on Bereaved Families